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Hebei haihao high pressure flange & pipe fitting group was established in 1982, located in Mengcun County the hometown of pipe fittings in China.

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The cement lining used in water reclamation plant project

HH group’s was participated in manufacturing and installing the large size pipeline product with cement lining sewage water reclamation project in Singapore .

We have more experience in the cement lining product,include the pipe fittings with cement lining.

The advantage about cement lining

1 .Avoid the corrosion and rust scaling of the inner wall of the pipeline,so that the pipeline will keep a good water delivery condition for a long time,the friction coefficient is small.

Pipe with cement linng

Pipe with cement lining

2.Due to the insulation of the lining coating,the water does not contact with the metal pipe,ensuring the water quality.

End caps with cement lining

End capd with cement lining

3.The inner wall of the pipe is corroded by cement mortar,preventing corrosion and perforation,and extending the service life of the pipe.

Shipment and work on site

Shipment and work on site

4 The material of cement mortar coating is easy to use the construction period is short,the antiseptic effect is good,reduces the cost of pipeline engineering.

Shipment and work on site

Shipment and work on site

Shipment and work on site

Shipment and work on site

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