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Hebei haihao high pressure flange & pipe fitting group was established in 1982, located in Mengcun County the hometown of pipe fittings in China.

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Pipe Bushing Hex Head and Flsuhing-Forged Threaded Pipe Fittings

Pipe Bushing Hex Head and Flsuhing

Pipe Bushing Hex Head and Flsuhing

Bushing a cylindrical or conical part of a machine,mechanism,or instrument,which has an axial opening into which another part fits.Depending on their purpose,a distinction is made among bearing linings,fastener bushings,adapters, and so on.

A bearing lining is the part of a bushed sliding bearing in which the journal of a shaft or axle rotates.Such a bushing is fitted tightly into the housing portion and is sometimes also held with screws.It is made of antifriction materials (cast iron, bronze, graphite, or plastics),cast iron or steel with a thin layer of antifriction material on the friction surface,or a porous,self-lubricating metal ceramic.

The use of bushings in sliding bearings reduces the consumption of costly and usually scarce antifriction materials (tin bronzes and babbitt metal) and simplifies repair by reducing it to the replacement of a worn bushing with a new one. Fastener bushings secure the inner rings of antifriction bearings and other parts on the cylindrical portions of shafts and axles.

They are made in a split form,with a conical outer surface,and are tightened by means of a nut.An adapter is used to mount a tool with a conical shank in a lathe spindle that has a hole larger than the tool shank. Easily reduce an NPT female port to a smaller inside diameter with Russell pipe bushing reducers.

All aluminum construction featuring precise thread engagement and a tapered pipe thread sealing angle for a positive seal at maximum operating pressures. Features a high quality blue or black anodized finish or Russell’s unique ultra-bright Endura finish that simulates the appearance of stainless steel. Features: · Precision machined to ensure precise thread engagement · Lightweight aluminum construction · Tapered pipe ”NPT” sealing angle guarantees a positive seal · Anodized or Endura finish.

Pipe Bushing Hex Head and Flsuhing Dimensions

Pipe Bushing Hex Head and Flsuhing Dimensions

Hex Head、Flush Bushing
DN NPS A(Length) F(Width Flat) G(Hex Height)
8 1/4″ 11 16 3
10 3/8″ 13 18 4
15 1/2″ 14 22 5
20 3/4″ 16 27 6
25 1″ 19 36 6
32 1-1/4″ 21 46 7
40 1-1/2″ 21 50 8
50 2″ 22 65 9
65 2-1/2″ 27 75 10
80 3″ 28 90 10
100 4″ 32 115 13

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