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Hebei haihao high pressure flange & pipe fitting group was established in 1982, located in Mengcun County the hometown of pipe fittings in China.

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Difference between straight welded pipe and spiral welded pipe

Welded steel pipe is also called welded pipe,which is made of steel plate or steel strip after crimped forming.Welding steel pipe production process is simple,high production efficiency,variety specifications,low cost,rapid development.But the general strength is lower than seamless steel tube.Welded steel pipe can be divided into straight welded pipe and spiral welded pipe according to the form of welding seam.There are the difference between straight welded pipe and spiral welded pipe.

Straight welded pipes in Haihao Group

Straight welded pipes in Haihao Group

Straight welded pipe,made of hot or cold rolled steel plates or strips,are called straight welded pipes when they are welded on welding equipment (It is named because the weld of the steel pipe is in a straight line).

Spiral welded pipe has single side welding and double side welding,and its strength is generally higher than that of straight welded pipe.It can produce welded pipe with larger pipe diameter with narrower billet,and can produce welded pipe with different pipe diameter with billet of the same width.However,compared with straight welded pipe of the same length,the weld length increases by 30-100%,and the production speed is lower.Therefore,the welding pipe with smaller diameter mostly adopts straight seam welding,while the welding pipe with larger diameter mostly adopts spiral welding.

Spiral welded pipes in Haihao Group

Spiral welded pipes in Haihao Group

From the welding process,the spiral welded pipe and straight welded pipe welding method is consistent,but the straight welded pipe will inevitably have a lot of t-shaped weld,so the probability of weld defects is also greatly improved,and the t-shaped seam welding residual stress is larger,the stress state of the weld metal are often in a three-way increases the possibility of a crack.

Haihao Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel products, including API 5L line pipe,casing pipes,seamless steel pipe,spiral submerged arc welding (SSAW) steel pipes,electric resistance welded (ERW) pipe,galvanized steel pipes etc.Haihao Group products are widely used in Shipbuilding, Nuclear power,Marine engineering,Petroleum, Chemical,Mining,Sewage treatment, Natural gas and Pressure vessels and other industries.

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