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JIS G3452 Carbon Steel Pipes for Ordinary Piping

JIS G3452 Carbon Steel Pipes for Ordinary Piping Summary:

1. Scope

This Japanese Industrial Standard specifies the carbon steel pipes, hereinafter referred to as the “pipes”, used for the piping for conveying steam, water, oil, gas, air, etc. At comparatively low working pressures.

Remark: The units and numerical values given in { } in this Standard are based on the International System of Units (SI) and are appended for informative reference.

Further, the traditional units accompanied by numerical values in this Standard shall be converted to the SI units and numerical values on Jan. 1, 1991.

2. Grade and Designation

The pipe shall be classified into one grade and its letter symbol shall be as given in Table 1, and subdivided into black pipes and galvanized ones according to nonexistence of existence of zinc-coated layers.

Table 1. Letter Symbol of Grade

Letter symbol of grade




Black pipe

Pipe without zinc coating

Galvanized pipe

Pipe with zinc coating

Remark: Where it is necessary to identify the galvanized pipe by the letter symbol on the drawing and other documents, “-ZN” shall be suffixed to the letter symbol of the grade. This notation, however, shall not be applied to the product itself.

World standard comparative table













Grade No


Grade No


Grade No


Grade No


Grade No


Grade No





Type F









3. Chemical composition

The pipe shall be subjected to the test of 10.1 and the resulting ladle analysis values shall be as given in Table 2.

Table 2. Chemical Composition





0.040 max.

0.040 max.

5. Mechanical properties

5.1 Tensile Strength and Elongation the black pipe shall be subjected to the test of 10.2 and the resulting tensile strength and elongation shall be as given in Table 3-1 or Table 3-2.

Table 3-1. Mechanical Properties (Applicable till the end of 1990)

Letter symbol of grade

Tensile test

Tensile strength

Elongation (%)

No. 11 and No. 12 test pieces

No. 5 test piece




30 {294} min.

30 min.

25 min.


1. When the Tensile test is carried out for No. 12 or No. 5 test piece for the pipe under 8mm in wall thickness, the minimum value of elongation shall be obtained by subtracting

1.5 % form the values of elongation given in Table 3-1 for each 1mm decrease in wall thickness, and rounding off to an integer in accordance with JIS Z 8401. Examples of

calculation are given in Reference Table.

2. The values of elongation given in Table 3-1 shall not be applied to the pipe whose nominal size is 32 A or smaller. However, the value of elongation shall be recorded.

3. In sampling the tensile test pieces, No. 12 and No. 5 test piece shall be taken form the portion which does not involve welded seams.

Reference Table

Examples of Elongation Values Calculated for No. 12 Test Piece (Longitudinal) and No.5 Test Piece (Transverse) taken form pipes under 8mm in Wall Thickness

Shape of test piece

Elongation values for wall thickness divisions (%)






No. 12 test piece






No. 5 test piece






7. Hydrostatic Test or Nondestructive Test

7.1 The black pipe shall be tested by 10.6 and the resulting hydrostatic characteristic or nondestructive characteristic shall conform either of the following two. The preference for

which of them shall be left to the specification by the purchaser or to the discretion of the manufacturer.

7.2 Hydrostatic characteristic (Applicable till the end of 1990) When a hydrostatic pressure of 25 kgf/Р {25 bar} (1) is applied, the black pipe shall withstand it without leakage.

Note (1) 1 bar = 105Pa

8. Hydrostatic Characteristic

8.1 (Applicable on and afte

r Jan. 1, 1991) When a hydrostatic pressure of 2.5 MPa is applied, the black pipe shall

8.2 Nondestructive Characteristic A nondestructive examination by either an ultrasonic test shall be made on the black pipe, and there shall be no signal greater than those

produced by the artificial defects of the reference test block of division UE of the working sensitivity specified in JIS G 0582 or division EZ of the working sensitivity specified in JIS

G 0583.

9. Dimensions, Weight and Dimensional Tolerances

9.1 The dimensions, weight and dimensional tolerances of the pipes shall as follows:

9.2 The length of each pipe shall, as a rule, be 5500 mm or over, the purchaser, however, may specify a length 3600 mm or over, as necessary.

10. Test

10.1 Chemical Analysis

10.1.1 Chemical Analysis General matters common to chemical analysis and method of sampling specimen for analysis shall be in accordance with 3. in JIS G 0303.

10.1.2 Analytical Method The analytical method shall be in accordance with one of the following Standards:

JIS G 1214, JIS G 1215, JIS G 1253, JIS G 1256, JIS G 1257

10.2 Tensile Test

10.2.1 Test piece The Test specimen shall be No. 11, No. 12 A, No. 12 B, No. 12 C or No. 5 test piece specified in JIS Z 2201 and shall be sampled form a pipe.

10.3 Flattening Test

10.3.1 Test piece A test piece 50 mm or over in length shall be cut off form the end of a pipe.

12. Reinspection

The pipe may be determined for final acceptance by a retest specified in 4.4 JIS G 0303.

13. Marking

Each pipe having passed the inspection shall be marked with the following items. However, the smaller pipes and other pipes specified by the purchaser may be bundled together

and marked for each bundle by a suitable means. In both cases. the order of arranging the marked items is not specified.

When approved by the purchaser, part of the items may be omitted.

(1) Letter symbol of grade

(2) Letter symbol denothing the manufacturing processes (5)

(3) Dimensions (6)

(4) Manufacturer’s name or its identifying brand

Notes (5) The letter symbol indicating the manufacturing processes shall be as follows, provided that the dash may be omitted leaving a blank.

Electric-resistance welded steel pipe other than hot-finished or cold-finished ones – E – G

Hot-finished electric-resistance welded steel pipe – E – H

Cold-finished electric-resistance welded steel pipe – E – C

Butt -welded steel pipe – B

(6) The dimensions shall be expressed by the nominal size.

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